Monday, May 01, 2006


Yay I wrote something new! Here it is!


What is this world I look upon
With temperance and mirth?
Knowledge now has come to mind
And new ideas to birth.

A shattered world upon this day
That crumbles by the hour
How else can any mortal say
These words not nearly sour?

Profit now a deity
As greed and power follow
In mind my faith dwindles in thee
Your hearts so deeply hollow

Yet, there is good in world atorn
That’s scattered far and wide
I do not cast this life in scorn
Yet heart and mind collide.

In emptiness I strive to bind...
Affection do I seek.
Yet scattered in this cluttered mind
A future not so bleak.

Standing tall with men alike
Dear friend and rivaled foe.
At brother Fate I seek to strike
To end this painful woe.

What is it here that plagues the soul?
This life, or world around?
Is it existence that I stole
That pins me to the ground?

With shattered wings I dare to fly
And shattered heart I care.
With shattered hope I dare to try
And shattered will I bear.

Yet all is not with troubled way
Good people stand with me
With them, this world is not so grey
A world I long to see.

New friends now walk upon this road
New strength upon these hands
And hope again has been bestowed
To free these troubled lands.

Yet still inside a better life
Are lies you never see.
Hold few of us that view this strife
The few of those like me.

I know not what will come of things
Or how life will unfold.
No matter what this future brings
The story will be told.

I’m still searching deep through time
To find another heart.
And find forgotten mirth sublime
As darkness shall depart.

Still searching for that fated hour...
I’ll find the heart that’s true...
I’ll find the one I’m looking for...
I’ll find her... I’ll find you...